Design Review is an independent evaluation process led by the South Australian Government Architect, where a panel of built environment experts review the design quality of a development proposal to promote and support good design.


Design Review is an iterative process and is most effective when undertaken by a number of teams early in the design process to affect positive change during design development.


Design Review is an integral part of the voluntary, confidential and free pre-lodgement service offered by the State Government. The service aims to identify and resolve planning and design issues prior to a proponent lodging their development application.

This service is available for:

  • developments with a value of $10 million or more within the City of Adelaide;
  • developments of five storeys or more in the Inner Metropolitan Adelaide Urban Corridor Zones;
  • developments of five storeys or more in the District Centre (Jetty Road) Zone and Residential High Density Zone (City of Holdfast Bay);
  • developments with a value of $3 million or more in Port Adelaide Regional Centre Zone (City of Port Adelaide Enfield); and
  • major projects and projects of state significance.



Design Review is guided by South Australia’s Principles of Good Design, which focus on how buildings and places can meet the needs of the people who use them.

The Principles of Good Design are:

Good design is contextual because it responds to the surrounding environment, and contributes to the existing quality and future character of a place.

Good design is inclusive and universal because it creates places for everyone to use and enjoy, by optimising social opportunity and equitable access.

Good design is durable because it creates buildings and places that are fit-for-purpose, adaptable and long-lasting.

Good design adds value by creating desirable places that promote community and local investment, as well as enhancing social and cultural value.

Good design performs well because it realises the project potential for the benefit of all users and the broader community.

Good design is sustainable because it is environmentally responsible and supports long-term economic productivity, health and wellbeing.

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