Open Space and Places for People Grants

The Planning and Development Fund is an offset scheme that provides grants to improve access to public open spaces and places.

Access to quality public open space is becoming increasingly important to ensure South Australia remains a healthy and sustainable place to live.

Local councils may apply for Open Space and Places for People grants on an annual basis to assist with the planning, purchase and enhancement of public open space.
The grant program supports projects that:

  • facilitate the integrated delivery of quality public open space particularly in areas of growth and renewal
  • provide a diverse range of high quality public open spaces that offer a range of active and passive opportunities
  • improve the way our places function, making them more sustainable, more accessible, safer and healthier
  • promote urban greening and climate change resilience
  • create an interconnected network of high quality green spaces that join destinations, public transport and growth areas

Announcements about the grant program, including Frequently Asked Questions and a summary of successful projects from previous years can be found on the Plan SA website.

To speak with a member of the Grant Coordination Team please contact:


Phone: 8402 1852